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Annual Conference

Conference 2024: Introducing our Keynote Speakers

By ASRAcomms 12 Feb 2024

Introducing our fantastic Keynote Speakers for Conference 2024...

Gem Turner

Monday 29th April 2024, 9:30am-10:30am

Content Creator and Consultant

My journey as a disabled student

Gem is a wheelchair user and required adapted accommodation when she attended University. Gem will share her experience and knowledge around navigating life as a disabled student, sharing her honest yet sometimes entertaining experiences about her journey.


Tim Dingle

Tuesday 30th April 2024, 9am-10am

Stand-up comic and writer

How to be Amazing Every Day

Every day presents an opportunity to be exceptional, especially in the world of student accommodation. 'Being Amazing Every Day' isn't about grand gestures, but the consistent pursuit of excellence, understanding, and growth.

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ASRAcomms is Jordan Meates, ASRA Communications & IT Officer based at Sheffield Hallam University.
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